Distribution Management

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The process of managing the flow of products from supplier to manufacturer to wholesaler or retailer to the final customer is known as Distribution Management. The administration of raw goods vendors, packaging, warehousing, inventory, supply chain, logistics, and occasionally even blockchain are just a few of the activities and procedures involved.

We develop systems for businesses that desire a standardized Distribution Management System (DMS) for all of their distributors. Distribution SoP is based on corporate policies, uniformity in distributor operations, control over distributor scheme management, and automatic collection of secondary sales data.

Determining the Best Distribution Management System

Your organization’s distribution goals, difficulties, and the distribution models and channels your business utilizes all play a significant role in selecting the best Distribution Management System. But generally speaking, businesses should consider:

  • Compatibility with legacy systems and ease of integration.
  • Flexibility and scalability
  • Security
  • Analytics and Data Management, including sharing of ecosystem data and streaming of real-time data
  • Adaptability, or the system’s ability to change quickly enough to overcome challenges or embrace new possibilities